Open access publications from the Karolinum Press – you can find freely available publications here http://digitool.is.cuni.cz/R/?func=collections-result&collection_id=3207
E-books Faculty of Medicine Hradec Královéhttps://elfhk.publi.cz/
CEVAhttp://www.ceva-edu.cza portal designed primarily for the lifelong education of healthcare workers. However, interesting information can also be found there by nonprofessionals. CEVA includes course awarded by lifelong learning credits for non-medical healthcare professionals (general nurses, health care workers, nutritional therapists, bioanalytics) and for doctors. As for the content,  topics of laboratory medicine (clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, toxicology) prevail. All teaching materials are accessible free of charge without registration, for some courses, in order to receive lifelong learning credits (certificate), a fee is charged . Besides traditional hypertexts, CEVA also offers presentations with author’s spoken commentary, interactive tests and regularly organized on-line broadcasts (webinars) – all under the patronage of top Czech specialists, with tradition since 2008 and rich experience in e-learning education not only for health workers.
MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – https://www.mooc-list.com/
Croesus – Virtual patients and PBL http://www.croesus.eu
Cesnet serviceshttp://www.cesnet.cz/sluzby
Cesnet services include:

      • ownCloud If you would like to use this service in e-learning, you can place larger files that you can then add to Moodle, each user has 100 GB of space, this service as well as other Cesnet services are available to Charles University users based on CAS login, ownCloud also provides other cloud-specific tools
      • Filesender – The possibility of sending large files – similar service to “Ulož to” with the difference that there is a known provider and it  is provided to Charles University users only as the sender, the recipient can be anyone
      • Data Storage– The possibility of setting up disk space for storing large amounts of data