Launching MOOCs

E-learning support center has started the operation of the e-learning platform for MOOCs (Massive online open courses). We got inspired by existing praxis at foreign universities, where in this way are the interesting fields of science made accessible to the general public and results of their work are presented. As a kick off project the course Italian front in 1915 – 1917 along the Isonzo river in English was created. This course is currently opened together with the Czech course Sleep medicine.


Italian front in 1915 – 1917 along the Isonzo river

The course presents the vital moments in the fights of the Italian front along the Isonzo river during the Great War. The content of the course is at first focused on the causes of outbreak of war conflict and the involvement of Italy and then military background of Habsburg monarchy and Italian kingdom is compared. In the main part are discussed the specifics of Italian front and the progress in war battles along the Isonzo river, which results in breakthrough in Caporetto. The lectures are enriched with the genuine testimony of František Skála, the native of the Czech village Kunčice, who was the active participant of the ninth battle along the Isonzo river. The aim of the course is to bring the insight into the issue of geographically highly located battle field of the World War I.


Authors: Mgr. Miriam Kolar Tůmová, Mgr. Tomáš Blűmel

Reviewer: prof. PhDr. Jan Županič, Ph.D., FF UK

Study period: 17th November to 21st December

Access to the course: it is necessary to register here

After filling in the form. The tutors of the course will contact you. The number of participant is limited.

The course is free and it is open to guests in the mode read only. The topics will be revealed one by one.

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