MS Teams

MS Teams is a tool that enables teamwork and can also be used effectively in higher education for distance learning.

Current alerts:

During February 2021, there was a change in the storage of recordings from online meetings. If you create a meeting in a team channel, the recording is saved to the team’s sharepoint when the meeting ends. If you create an appointment directly from a calendar outside the team, the recording is saved on the OneDrive of the person who started the recording. Within the sharepoint, all meeting members have editing rights to the recording, the recording on OneDrive has the view only mode set for the other meeting members except the owner / presenter by default.

ATTENTION important:

At Charles University, it is possible to connect to two MS Teams environments, depending on the license used. Therefore, please always pay attention to the environment in which the teaching takes place. Teachers can use both environments for their teaching. You log in to the university environment by logging in and then logging in to CAS. To enter the faculty environment (applies to Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Pharmacy in HK, Faculty of Medicine in HK, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities) use the instructions on the website of the relevant faculty.

⇒ User support for university installation:

⇒ Problems with login / authentication to the university installation:

NOTICE: This support applies to the MS Teams University license. If you work with a faculty license, you need to contact faculty support. We do not have the authority to operate individual faculty licenses. Thank you for your understanding!

⇒ MS Teams

Inclusive online lectures / seminars / consultations
• Up to 250 attendees (including anonymous!)
• Audio & video conference, chat, content sharing, whiteboard
• Lecture/meeting notes (history).
• Not just for lectures, but all types of online meetings
(work from home, project meetings, departmental meetings, all
hands, blended meetings, external coordination etc.)

Microsoft Teams webinar for distant learning at Charles University – 19.3.2020
Microsoft Teams webinar for distant learning at Charles University as presentation – 19.3.2020

How to sign in the University Office 365 environment?

Here you can find instructional videos, presentations and guides to help you work with MS Teams.

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Online courses, videos and links
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