Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a learning management system (LMS) designed to store and distribute educational multimedia content to public or dedicated user groups (primarily students), to create and distribute comprehensive curricula and independent courses, and finally to lead online groups, create and implement virtual classrooms, webinars, and online learning groups. The server runs the first virtual medical hardware base of the 1st Faculty of Medicine in Prague. Adobe Connect, licensed for the entire Charles University, allows all faculties to use the great online tools of the modern e-learning LMS Adobe Connect.

For those interested in Adobe Connect, please contact the eLearning Support Department of the 1st Faculty of Medicine: e-mail, tel: +420 224 96 4162, or +420 777 10 11 66.

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A list of shared content of the 1st Faculty of Medicine in Prague can be found here (please note not all documents are freely available): HERE